We guarantee you peace of mind when you trust us with your most valuable asset

Our 12 Year Guarantee

We offer a guarantee that our roofing services are of the highest quality, and trust is always our priority. We are Melbourne’s only award-winning roofing company, and there is a reason why we have so many happy customers.

What do we do to ensure that our customers appreciate all aspects of our work?

  • We use a polymer resin Teflon coating
  • We offer 36 different colours for customers to choose from
  • All of our work creates a roof that is waterproof and water tight

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Contact us to tell us more about your job, and we will provide a basic quote. A more comprehensive quote can be provided after reviewing the condition of your roof, and the scope of the required job.


Hiring a Roof Restoration Company

When hiring a roof restoration company, ensure that you verify the following:

  • Customer reviews – our roof restoration company thrives on referrals from previously satisfied clients. You can learn a lot by reading reviews online or verifying information by word of mouth about the quality of the job done by any business. Ask about a roofer’s professionalism, their ability to provide a comprehensive quote, their job safety, and the client’s satisfaction with the quality and appearance of the roof.
  • Licensing – ensure that the roof restoration company you’re considering is fully licensed to complete the work they are intending to do. This protects you legally, and also guarantees increased professionalism and quality of workmanship.
  • Cost – of course, cost is always a factor when hiring a contractor. However, you never want to choose a roofer simply because they offer the cheapest price. Look for those providing reasonable quotes, with a long history of providing the service to back up the level of quality provided.


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Colour-Matched Spin Ventilator professionally installed with every Roof Restoration

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